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Spring is the season of the best hopes. I like it very much. It is the most agreeable of all the seasons and there is nothing better than a bright spring day when you can go for a walk to the nearest park or forest. May is the finest month of the season. The air in May is the freshest, the sky the clearest, the nature is awaking to life again. Green grass, trees bursting into leaf.

The farmers are especially busy in spring. They work in their fields to get as much harvest as possible. The gardeners have also more to do in their orchards then. They work hard to make the earth softer and smoother. On the other hand, a spring evening in the garden or in the orchard is the most wonderful one because of fresh air full of sweet odour of apple blossom.

Summer is the hottest season of all. Sometimes the heat is almost unbearable. The weather in summer is better than in spring because it rains less. The pupils and students like summer most of all. This season is the best time to rest and improve one’s health. But there are heavy thunderstorms and heavy showers accompanied by hail and dangerous lightnings.

Autumn is as a rule the richest season of the year. The nature thankes the industrious people for their labour. It is known: the harder one works the richer the harvest is.

As for the weather it differs from month to month. September is very fine as a rule. October and November are more rainy. The sky is mostly overcast with low and heavy clouds. In October the days grow rapidly shorter and the sun rays become less warmer. But there is a spell of warm pleasant weather in autumn too, the so-called Indian summer. The reason of such a denotation is probably the following: Late autumn or even early winter in North America and Canada is a period of mild weather. During this time the Indians used to lay their stores of food for winter. It was, so to say, their summer, “Indian Summer”.

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